rockrooster since 1984

Rockrooster brief introduction

Rockrooster, — professor in PPE (Personal protection equipment) Roclrooster includs safety shoes, protective gloves, helmets.

Brand story

Rockrooster is a brand for more than thirty years, its history can be traced back to twentieth Century.


In 1984, being interested and with a good life, a manual workshop for nurse shoes was established in Australia.


In 1990, we start in safety footwear industry. In 1999, Rockrooster was established, which engaged in safety footwear.


In 2002, Rockrooster introduced advanced technology of modernization production line, and supply safety footwear to all over the world.


In 2009, Rockrooster established design centre and European production base.


In 2011, with the development of the market and a good brand reputation, Rockrooster’s sales volume accumulate sales to 100 million pairs.


In 2015, Rockrooster engaged in exploring American market, and developed American products series which are popular in American market.


In 2016, Rockrooster global agents are more than 1,000.

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