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Safety shoes maintenance methods

Safety shoes maintenance methods

Update Time:2019-02-16

Safety shoes need to be properly used and maintained in order to ensure that the performance should be effective and to maintain the user's foot health, so the following should pay more attention to:

First of all: regular cleaning safety shoes, which should pay attention to is not to use solvent as a detergent.

Second: regular cleaning soles, to avoid accumulation of dirt, especially insulated safety shoes, soles of the non-conductive or anti-static effect will be affected by the impact of the soles of the shoe, and even endanger the safety of life.

Again: do not arbitrarily modify the structure of safety shoes. Because the formal safety of the structure of the boot is designed by the designer to protect the personal safety, free transformation may affect the safety shoes safety index.

Finally: Safety shoes should be stored in a cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Safety shoes are people to protect personal safety tools, in the use and maintenance must be carefully implemented.


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