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Qatar - act according to circumstances,quanlity uppermost
In 2014, we have two high containers  ROCOROOSTER safety shoes shipped to  Qatar, Use after use  a period of time,the customers  found the logo on the sole bottom fall off and occur to leak esaily .
We felt suprised when we knew this problem at fitst time as no customers complain this problem before . We checked all processes from materials to processes at first time .After days of close communication, We ruled out every possibility , even guests sendt back the leak shoes  to us, but we still eventually found no problem.
Time is urgent and the problem bust be found and solved . Our salesman and technical people went to Qatar and stay there for a week to adjust materials to test and finally confirmed that the reason is the extremlly hot weather there  and the glue is easy to melt . To make the cusomters santifired , we spent lots of money to adjust the moulds and to make sure the loco is directly shown up when doing injection process and meanwhile to increase the density of the outsole .

Through  this incident, let us realize profoundly that we  must adjust the production according to the actual situation of the guests; Encounter problems, field verification, the positive response, which can  let a guest has confidence in ROCKROOSTER brand, quality and after-sales service.


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