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Brand History

Rockrooster is a brand for more than thirty years, its history can be traced back to twentieth Century. In 1984, Rockrooster was established in Australia, the initial Rockrooster heritage of traditional crafts workshop process, the production of nurse shoes, from the birth of the first pair of shoes, Rockrooster gained a good reputation in the market. With the development of the brand more and more powerful, Rockrooster founded a modern factory, began to produce safety protective shoes, and the creation of independent brands, from which we have known Rockrooster products. The best materials, the most exquisite process, to ensure that every pair of quality, so that all people wear the most comfortable and the most safe protective shoes, Rockrooster has become the goal and mission.


In 1984, Rockrooster founder Simon opened a manual workshop in Australia, do nurse shoes. The first time put forward the concept of "the most comfortable", and has always insisted on the service experience in the first place. In the past 30 years has never changed the sense of customer experience. In a visit to a friend's factory, Simon saw a worker because of the wrong operation caused serious damage, so Simon decided to produce a feet to protect workers shoes, let all the functions can rest assured comfortable work.


Today, after three generations of continuous development and innovation, Rockrooster has developed into the industry's most professional safety shoes leader, business in more than and 50 countries, 1,000,000 customers a day service. The generations of life energy in the shoemaking technology and innovation focus on spirit, fully deserve we call is an artisan spirit. Rockrooster to lead the development of the world's footwear industry with their own artisans spirit.

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